Select The Best Auto Body Collision Estimating Software for your shop:

Finding the right auto body collision estimating software for your shop can be difficult. It's easy to just jump in and select any software. But it is advisable that you give it careful consideration.

If You Write Less Than 10 Estimates a Week: Do you have enough business to pay for estimating software? What about the months when business does get slow? Will choosing a certain estimating system guarantee that you will get more work? These are questions that only you can answer. If you are in doubt, you should select the lowest priced software as shown below.

If You Write More Than 10 Estimates a Week: A factor you should consider is the number of estimates you write each month verses the monthly cost of software. Too many shops have signed a contract for expensive estimating software without giving it much thought. Only to find out later that the software is much more than what they actually needed and now they're strapped with monthly payments. However having a fully automated estimating system will save you time in the office and if you have the business volume to pay for it, then you should go for it.

Therefore, finding the right collision software is critical. So, make your pick from the list below:

 ABF Estimating

ABF Auto Body Estimator 35

For those looking for an affordable auto body collision estimating system, the Auto Body Estimator is the lowest price available at $395 the first year. And yearly renewals are only $240 afterwards. This is ideal for small shops who do not write a lot of estimates or for shops who are starting a business and want to keep their expenses low. The ABF Auto Body Estimator produces great looking estimates to impress your customers and adjusters. PDR, labor and paint times are included in the ABF database. As a bonus, you can add additional labor when required. What's more, the program also provides users with the latest part prices from the web by using the ABF part price links. In addition, the software allows users to display their custom logo on printed estimates and also on PDF files. And best of all, it keeps your estimate files safe on your computer.

Price: $395 us

Free User Demo: Yes - 30 Days

Contract Required: No


 AUDATEX Estimating

Audatex Estimating

Audatex was the first automated estimating system available in North America in the mid 1970s. Though heavily focused towards the insurance claims industry, they do offer versions of their system specifically designed for auto body collision shops. They offer powerful parts graphics and intelligent database for estimating. This product is used by many shops and insurance companies throughout the United States and Canada.

Price: prices vary depending on selected options - contact vendor

Free User Demo: No

Contract Required: Yes

 CCC One

CCC One Estimating

CCC Estimating is one of the leading body shop estimating software for collision repairs. The program associates more insurers with collision repairers in comparison to any other network. It also offers a responsive interface and seamless navigation helping users create accurate and faster estimates. This is the most popular with body shops and insurance companies.

Price: prices vary depending on selected options - contact vendor

Free User Demo: No

Contract Required: Yes

 Mitchell Estimating

Mitchell Cloud Estimating

Michell is one of the oldest suppliers of collision estimating data in North America that dates back 75 years with printed estimating manuals that shops and insurance companies relied on. Today with Mitchell Cloud Estimating (formerly known as UltraMate) provides the industry with modern and up-to-date estimating software and the parts-labor database for more accurate appraisals. Widely used by both shops and insurance companies.

Price: prices vary depending on selected options - contact vendor

Free User Demo: No

Contract Required: Yes

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